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Top 10 On Page Optimization Techniques | SEO Tips

As we have learned before about what is On page Optimization in SEO. It is the onsite seo which is done on the website itself. There are some techniques for doing onpage seo. Some of the best techniques are listed below :-

1. Use descriptive title tags for every page. As we search engines are ranking those sites on top which are user friendly not search engine friendly. So try to make a title according to user's point of view. Include your one or two keyword in title as user search with these keywords, it will help your site to rank well.

2. Use short url. Try to take your keyword or company name in url and it should be short. If your are using keyword in url there are more chances for your site to rank well as user search that keywords in search engines and if its your company name then its easy for user's to remember your site's name.

3. Use proper H1 tags in your site. Place H1 tag on every page of your site and this H1 tag ought to be short and tell your reader at intervals five seconds what this specific page is about they are reading.

4. Increase your website's speed. your website should load as quickly as attainable so users don’t get frustrated due to slow loading times and he will not leave your site.Increase your website's speed by using proper image optimization, use flash images and compress your webpages.

5. Add your social media buttons at every page on your website, so that your users will simply share your content. Embrace a button for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. Your social media is your free advertising so that your web site users will share your content and you get the maximum spreading of your content.

6. Get interaction with your users by using visual content. Post high quality and informative videos, images to your websites to draw in your user’s eye. Use videos of client testimonials or educational information regarding your product.

7. Use internal and external links on your site to engage your customer. Through this user will get more info about your services and it also decreases the bounce rate. Use high quality external links so that your user can get the best information.

8. Maintain the keyword density of your keywords on every page of your website. There should be no keyword stuffing otherwise you will lost your rankings.

9. Design of your website should be user friendly so that user can easily find his queries what he is looking for.

10. At last check your word count for every page. Sometimes the site's which are having more content on their website rank's well. Try to have atleast 1500 words on every page.
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  2. very informative post thanks for sharing


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