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What is search engine optimization | Seo Beginners

What is Search engine optimization

Whenever you search a query in search engine like Google it will show you top ten result related to your query in his first page ,have you ever think that how search engine work and how this result are come on first page ,How all this sites are rank better than other ???

Search engine like Google and bing are the system that collect information about every page on the web so they can help people find out how exactly what they looking for and every search engine has a algorithm, this algorithm turn all the information into useful search result

Now if you have a website than search engine result matter
Simply if your website webpage higher ranking than more people come to your site
Now a question should be arrive in your mind 

“How to get ranking higher of our website or webpage”

The key to get higher ranking is make shore your website has all the necessary ingredients that search engine need for their algorithm

This is called Search engine optimization” (seo) 

Search engine optimization is the technique and tactics for improving any website or webpage visibility in search Engine’s “natural” or organic,
Now what are the ingredients that search engine algorithm need? 

                                             Let’s take a look of all the ingredients 

1.       Words-Search engine count every word on the web 

So now in this way when someone searches word for example “jewelry store”
Search engine only show the result that about those words

2.       Title-Each page on the web has a title tag you may not ever see it because it is in the website code area. 

Search engine pay lot of attention on this, because this title give summery of a website suppose if you have jewelry site than your title will be
<Title>online jewelry store</Title>

3.       Links- Links between one website to another give you great attention to search engine because it normally give recommendation 

This link telling readers this site has great information  
A webpage with lot of quality external links look good to search engine.

Note: Don’t ever think to buying links for your site this will not give you benefit

4.       Words in Links- word in a links matter for search engine .suppose you create a link on word “jewelry” and this link go to search engine see that related to jewelry
So when someone searches jewelry in search engine Google will show that site in result.

5.       Reputation of your site-search engine always checks your website reputation. a site that always add unique and highly content related to your site and very good quality link always increasing this will give you good rank in search engine result.

This all are just the basic of search engine optimization tactics and all of this are change depend upon the change in search engine algorithm

Best tips for seo- always add great and highly unique content in your site search engine really love unique content.

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  4. Nice guidance for the beginners i got some points from this article which is helpful for me thanks for this post keep sharing.


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