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Google Panda and Penguin, How does it affects the Search results? | SEO Tips

Released in Feb 2011, Google Panda brought a dramatic change into the Google search results ranking. How does it work? Google Panda lowers the rank of those sites that are extremely poor in quality and the best ones of high ranking are brought closer to the top of search result options. Apart from that Google panda also discloses some important points that are very helpful to SEO beginners and experts which help them to know what prior steps should be taken to have their site ranked on the first page of Google.

Panda focuses on unique content of the sites, instead of putting those sites on rank whose matter is copied from another site. Google panda also helps in keeping good ratio in terms of advertisement because of that you can introduce your product into the market which gives users a new experience in the field of loading the page quickly along with getting the change to view the products or services very fast. This method is one of the best ways for increasing the trustworthiness of the site. Thus we can say that Google panda is the best method which sorts out the low quality sites and puts high quality sites on the top position.

Google Penguin was the next update announced in April, 2012 and it had a strong impact on the sites that violated the Webmaster Rules and the ones that employed black hat SEO techniques. The purpose of this update was to catch spammers and penalize them. In simple words we can say that Google Penguin mostly affects the copywriters who used to copy the content of one site to the other one.

The Big Effects
The main effects of these updates showed a big change in the world of poor quality and some of the sites that followed the right SEO technique gained good ranking. These updates are known as algorithms that are designed to highlight the best search results. It is only due to Google your page will be ranked high or low, and Penguin and Panda work on the aspects of quality content and web spamming.

The Main theme about the Penguin Update
Google Penguin gives the authority to the users’ site, making them rank in a better way by checking the site's content whether it has been copied or not. If the content of that site is unique, your website will be placed in the first position on Google.

The second feature of this update is to find out the anchor text or keyword for your content. If there are large numbers of same keywords being used Google is sure to penalize your site. With this feature Google will be able to judge the quality of your website content and that will help to improve the ranking of your site.

It is important for the users to build such quality links that will easily gain authority in Google and accordingly places them on the top position.

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  1. From an income of thousands to now barely making over a few dollars a month, Panda definitely brought havoc to the way we all marketed our websites. However, content is still king and we can recover. Let's take a look at what happened and what we can do to make sure we keep our ranks.

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  2. Google Panda has been a big help for me in seo training. With this one, it can help us strive harder to achieve what we always wanted, to be at the top rank. With Google Penguin, it has a big impact to everyone as well since it regulates and penalizes spammers. That's why we need to look for quality content for possible chances of getting higher in ranking.


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