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Steps of Modern Keyword Targetting and On page Optimization | SEO Tips

How to build the perfect Optimized page

Steps for keyword targetting and OnPage Optimization

Uniquely Valuable:
Uniqueness is the primary factor which is very essential for a perfect optimized page. As it is clear from the name Unique means that don’t appear anywhere else on the web. Any potential visitor could easily get information from the keyword itself or the targeting phrase. Nowadays pages on many websites are valuable but some of them provide unique kind of information. Value of uniqueness is so much important than unique content.

A well formatted unique page provides authentic and value beyond self promotion of the website author. The texts, images and multimedia in the particular must be significant and remarkable. Lastly, a unique page is the one which is simply described as a ‘High Quality’ useful for potential visitors.

Phenomenal UX
At a simple UX means the page or a website which is easy to understand. The page must have property of loading quickly even on slower connections (a mobile) and which is designed to be visually attractive and pleasing. A Phenomenal UX page must possess following qualities:
·         Clear layout
·         Attractive Visuals
·         Beautiful + Simple Design          

Meta Data Inclusive
First we talk about what is Meta Data. A Meta data is the one that describes other data which is also depict as an underlying description. Some examples of Meta data are date creates and modified, author, file size etc. Now, a Meta Data Inclusive defines the page that includes special authorship, an attractive and enticing Meta description and the most important the schema markup ex: recipes.

Bot Accessible
Bots or spiders are basically tiny programs that crawls number of websites across the internet. The bots that are created by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing analyze a website and report back with a valuable data. This data indexes and later used for providing rank to a particular website. For a bot accessible website several parameters must be followed such as:
  • The page is the only URL on which the content appears and if this property doesn’t follow all other URL’s canonicalize back to original.
  • URL section must include in a formatted RSS feeds or Sitemap files.
  • Robots.txt can be used to intelligently limit what a search engine sees in your website so make sure not to make errors that prevents crawling and indexing of your website.
  • For a temporarily down page use status code 503 and don’t use multiple redirection for a website.
Keyword Targeted:
Refers to the Primary and Secondary keyword phrases appear in prominent position in the page headline. The keywords targeted must rely on usability, user experience and a natural flow principle for a visitor. Some important elements of keywords targeted mechanism as according to search engine recommendation are Page Title, Head Line, Body Text, URL, Alt attributes, Meta description and keywords, Internal links etc.

Multi Device Ready:
Nowadays everything is online as people are using are mobiles, tablets, laptops etc and their use in terms of Internet access is increasing day by day. Many people browse the internet at home, at work etc and they are not just consuming but they are sharing. Lastly, if you are not optimized all the devices with respect to this terms, you are missing opportunities for its promotion to broader audience. 

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