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OnPage Optimization - A Complete Guide & important SEO Tactics | Seo Beginners

In the earlier post we have discussed about What is SEO & the ingredients required for the search engines now we understand what actually the factor that search engine need in on page optimization.

On page optimization is a seo technique that is used for a website to be highly rank in the search engine. It increases the overall readability of your website for the visitors.

These methods mostly talk about various physical features of a website and the content that it contains. Let us discuss about the essential
On page optimization methods:

The first and the most important priority for the search engine is title tag. It is basically used to inform search engines and visitors about what exactly is your website.

According to Google algorithm the website title length should not be greater than 65 to 70 character.

It is pretty tough to create a short title for a website or webpage that contain lots of information.

Make your website's title in a compelling manner so visitor can click on it
Therefore it is necessary to spend some time in creating title and see if you can find any ways to improve that and make it better for users.

                                     “How to create a webpage Title Good”

Essential tips for title :>

1. Don’t forget to add your important keywords (not more than 2) in the first phase of your website's title.

2. Google will easily crawl your website's keyword in title, if you are using ( I ) sign in title.

3. All the initial letter's must be in capital.

Now the question should be arrive in your mind is -
Why I cannot create a title more than 70 characters, if I add my keyword in the starting of first 65 characters and keep the title 100-150 character.
Can Google penalize my site???

Google and most of the other search engine only display 65 to 70 characters in the search engine result page after that, they're truncated (….). Users cannot see them.

You won't really be penalized for it, but it's certainly not best practice.

Keyword is the most important factor in seo on page optimization, deciding on the right keywords continues to be crucial.

If you are not deciding right keyword for your website you will only waste your money and time there are many popular tool over the internet like (Reference)Google Adword keyword Tool which help you to analysis which keyword is most popular and user are searching for.
The day’s gone when you achieve constant top ratings for a one-word search string, search engine like Google becomes more intelligent now a day’s.Using two word or three word search string will be more beneficial today.Let’s take an example to understand two word and three word search string.If you have a website related to “crosses “don’t try to optimize for the keyword crosses pendants you can focus on keyword like “Diamond crosses” “fancy crosses”
“Fashion crosses” it will surely give you good ranking in search result.

Keyword Density in SEO – Keyword density is the percentage of the number of times a particular keyword is used in comparison to the total number of words in a webpage or website. So now the question arises what should be the keyword percentage in a webpage? Different people have different thoughts about keyword percentage. Some says the keyword density should be in between 3-4 %. For example if your webpage contains 100 words then there should be 3 or 4 keywords included in your webpage. Some says keyword should be in between 2-3% it should not exceed 3%. There is no final answer, as the internet is constantly changing.

view this video and see what Matt Cutt the Head of webspam team in google
say about keyword density

A url describe website or webpage for search engine and visitors. you need to very focus about keeping your url very compelling ,clean and very well structure this is the key of your website ranking well in search engine
A descriptive and brief URL of you website give a good idea of visitor what to expect on your webpage 
Sometime one of the main thing we and the webmasters forget to optimize is the structure of our website’s URL. URL optimization is the process of optimizing our website URL in proper structure. For search engine rankings it is very important that our website’s URL should be proper formed. Search engine ranks that website on top which has keyword in its URL and its proper structure is there.
Let break a URL to understand URL optimization
http:// - The http stands for hyper text transfer protocol. It is an application protocol. In URL optimization http:// is the only thing which is not changed. So we will not discuss here.
Career: - In above example we have chosen Career as a sub domain. It is suggested to only use sub domains for that part of your website which is totally different from your website, because sub domain act as a separate entity from main page and it built its own profiles. For blog page you can use sub domain.
ABC :- abc is the main domain of the website. Google use to give extra weightage to that domains which have exact matching keywords in URL. For SEO purpose you take your domain name same as your keyword.  
.com :- .com is the website’s domain extension. The .com is the most popular domain extension. Less popular extensions are .org and .net. If you have to target local businesses then its better to take countries domain i.e if you are in Spain then take .es domain. If you are targeting worldwide business then it’s better to take .com domain.
Meta Description:-  
Meta Description is the small description of about our webpage. This shows the user and search engine what the webpage is about. when Google shows the results of a query it shows the meta description also. Meta description should be very informative about our webpage and try to include your main keyword in description. This will help in your rankings.Some of the people says that Google and other search engine don't consider that much meta description tag. This might be true but if you don't put any description then search engine will take the first 2-3 lines of your article. So its better to put a meta description.

So these are the few important techniques of On Page SEO. It's a huge topic other things we'll discuss in later posts. hope you'll like this post. If you have any suggestions then you can comment in the comment box. All the suggestions are welcomed. 

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