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How to Set up a New Adword Account | SEO Tips

If you want to start a ppc campaign for your site then an adword account is must. This adword account gives you various other tools such as keyword planner for seo services, if you want to do a keyword research for your site then through keyword planner you can decide your keywords according to your services. To use all this features set up an adwords account. Following are the simple steps to create an adword account :-

Step 1: Go to to set up an account. When creating an account, you have the option to create it under your existing Gmail account or set up a new account. If you set up a new account then you will have to fill email id and password for creating an account. Like this

Step 2:
Now that your account has been established, you must complete a few steps, such as setting your time zone and currency preferences.

Step 3:
Finally, you are prompted to set up billing information. First Fill your Profile :-

Step 4:
With AdWords, you have two payment options. Automatic payments allow you to pay after accruing clicks. You will be charged upon reaching your billing threshold or 30 days after your last payment, whichever comes first. If you opt for manual payments, you will prepay AdWords and charges will be deducted from the prepaid amount. When your prepaid balance is diminished, all advertising will be suspended until you make another payment.You can elect to have payments drafted from either a credit card or a bank account. Keep in mind that Google must verify the bank account, which can take a little while. If you are eager to get your ads up and running, your credit card may be a better option.

If you are using existing Gmail account to set up an adword account then you have to follow the step same from Step 2

Congratulations, you are now an official PPC advertiser and can start building out your account. Best of luck!
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