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Twitter Cards- Best Mode of Internet Marketing | Social Media

What are Twitter Cards?

Twitter Cards are very helpful to the users which help them to represent their content within the boundaries of the Tweet across mobile devices along with web. This is one of the best methods in SEO as the users are getting the opportunity to put their sites on tweet which in turn grabs more traffic towards it.  In these cards users will write 3 – 4 lines of HTML in their Web Pages and the other users who tweet into your account will be shown as card in which the link about the website is mentioned.
Role of Twitter Cards
The main role of Twitter cards will help in controlling your content about the link which is displayed in twitter. This is one of the best methods of internet marketing where the users will be gaining more traffic towards the site and in return more and more people are interested in creating twitter accounts.
Creation of twitter cards
Creation of twitter cards is so simple that the users will not have to learn some extra knowledge about the same.
Firstly the users should properly do the documentation part of the different cards which are available to them. This will help them to choose the best card which will be acting as the main part in internet marketing. There are different types of cards which can be used by the users to tweet into their account. Cards may include:-
1. Photo card
2. Product card in which product is used as content to display
3. App card is used as profile in users application
4. Gallery card will allow the users to highlight different collection of photos.
5. Summary card is known as default card in which all the important things like title along with description; thumbnail is added with twitter account.
6. Summary card having large image will show the picture along with the content.
7. Installation of App with deep linking- In card there is feature of extension in which users can easily download have deep linking.
8. Player card this card is known as media player card where the audio and video is attached.
After getting the approval, users can easily tweet the URL where the other users are getting the facility to see the cards attached his tweet accounts.
It is not important for the users that they can tweet their card easily there are some cards like product and player don’t get approve in single day but needs some extra time for getting the approval. Thus we can say that these cards are playing the important role in internet marketing which is simply added to the tweet account and other users who tweet into the account and get the benefits of viewing your website along with content.

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