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SMO and Its Rules to Get More Traffic to Your Website | Social Media

               What is SMO? 

SMO is Social Media Marketing which is one of the best ways of online marketing in the social media sites like twitter, face book and LinkedIn. These sites are very famous and with the help of these sites more and more customers are attracted and grab more attraction to their site. In simple way we can say that users are taking the help of social media sites in order to get more traffic to their websites like SEO. It is also considered as one of the best method in which users can easily communicate about the products along with services which their companies is going to offer. It is also one of the best methods in maintain cordial relationship with the customers along with companies.

What is SMO - Seo Beginners

Some of the best practices which are adopted in these SMO will include blogging along with adding comments and RSS feeds. Other best practices which are adopted by the users for popularity of their website will include photos along with videos.

Rules of SMO

Some of the rules of SMO will include;-

·         Create attractive Contents- User should make attractive and knowledgeable content so that the matter should enough able to catch the attention of customers towards their product.

·         Choose outbound links- It is good for the users that they should go for the option of Outbound links which will benefit in the long time.

·         Techniques adopted to target the audience-Users should know such techniques which will able to attract more customers by giving discounts along with offers.

·         Tagging along with Bookmarking- Users should use such practices like tagging along with bookmarking which is helping you to cover all your important matter through it.

·         Facility to encourage- Users should encourage other users to use their important contents so that it will help to build good relations among them which will help them in future.
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  1. I am agree with you that SMO is the best for online marketing. But according to me SMO is indispensable part and it helps to attract huge traffic on our websites.There are lot of other SMO rules too:
    Create Shareable Content
    Make Sharing Easy
    Procatively Share Content
    Encourage the Mashup

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