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Google Analytics Introduces Bots and Spiders Filter. Steps - How to exclude the Bots & Filters

In the past, we have been facing the problem of tracking the actual performance of our web pages. Many of us have even complaint Google about this difficulty. Now, it ends up! Google announced an important update to help us identify the real traffic that comes to our web pages. Google is adding filter to exclude other bots and spider traffic from user stats. But, this will be only for the bots and spiders known to Google.

Take a trip into Google Analytics to exclude hits from bots and spiders:
  • Login to your Google Analytics account and then Click Admin at the top of any Analytics page.
  • Click View Settings in the view column to edit it.
  • Then, select the new checkbox option included in the view level of the management user interface.

Finally, you can identify the real number of visitors coming to your site. This will let you stay fully aligned with the best optimization practices for your website. You may see an expected drop in your traffic numbers but the new report would be closer to reallity. It may still include unwanted traffic but will not include hits from Google friendly bots.

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