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Top Tips for Video SEO | Seo Beginners

Top 4 basic tips for video optimization   


1. keyword optimization:yes You need to optimize keyword in video submission in seo depend upon the search term of your product ,use target relevant keyword for both phase Search engine and user experience
You can use keyword in different Phase 1 File name: Give the name of the file Related to your keyword 2 Title: Use keyword in title with Helping Words 3 Tags: Use Targeted Keyword 4 URL:Use keyword in URL 5 Link text:Great link text in video

 After that write some unique Description optimize with keyword This will Help user experience and search engine rank also 2.Share Video On Video Sharing Sites:There Many benefits of sharing video to others sites instead of embedded to your own blog this will give your video more view and additional link Here are Some point you should bear in your mind to maximize Result

 Hosted Your Video On you tube and other video sharing sites like Viemo with good optimize Keyword use a Video distribution service to Share your Video To Top Sharing Sites 3.Create a linking strategy :Build both external links and internal links is crucial for video SEO. Here are some idea of Create linking strategy

Bookmarking the Video on Top Bookmarking sites With an eye catchy Title Link From One Video To Other video Link The Video in Blog Post 4.Encourage viewers to share your videos: Sharing is most important aspect in Video seo you Should Create a interesting and informative Content So user share your Video Make user easier to share video on YouTube,twitter and fb allow user to comment on the video this will Give you user experience Give flexibility to User always create content in multiple formats so user can use it easily 


  Well Done You Got it Sir :


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